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Adventure yourself on a canyon descent in the Cap Corse, supervised by a certified professional guide.

Reservation & information :

Saint Florent : +33 6 88 21 49 16

Canyon descent in the Cap Corse


Discover wild gorges: walking, sliding, jumping, abseiling down a dropping river in a group of maximum 12 people, equipped with wetsuits, helmets, harnesses and ropes.

> WHEN: The canyon is generally traversable from mid June to late August: before there is too much water and it is too cold, after, there is not enough water...

> WHAT TO TAKE: sneakers or hiking shoes, a comfortable bathing suit and a picnic with a small bottle of water. The guide will carry your food in waterproof bag (don't bring a watermelon...). Plan a towel and a dry set of cloth to change at the end of the trail.

> PLANNING: departure at 9am close to Saint Florent. The guide will generally try to accommodate the group's various location. Return to Saint Florent around 5:30pm. Please note 1/2 day tours are not possible and it is not recommended to take part in a canyoning day with us if you are far from Saint Florent.

> WHAT TO EXPECT: 1 hour drive from the meeting point (north of Saint Florent, in your own véhicule, following the guide), 1 hour walk to the top of the river, 3 to 4 hours of descent with the lunch break. It's a loop path there is only a short walk to get back to the cars at the end of the trail. Jumps can be avoided, abseiling and slides cannot.

> RESERVATION: to book a canyoning day call us at +33 6 88 21 49 16 ; we will ask you for the age, height and weight of each participant to provide the appropriate equipment.

MINIMUM AGE & REQUIREMENT: 12 years old. This is a summer group activity, you are note expected to be an experimented mountain climber, however, to enjoy your day, you should be a minimum fit and enjoy the outdoors.

> PRICE: per person, covering guide and equipment: 60 euros (not covered: transportation and picnic).

> LOCALIZATION : the river is located in the Cap Corse,  1 hour drive north of Saint Florent, close to the village of Olcani.