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A Scimia Calvese, an adventure park fun and accessible to all. For over 15 years, our adventure park in the Pinède de Calvi has delighted Calvais and its visitors with a set of original and safe activities in an exceptional environment. Since 2015, with the opening of the Tyrolean trails we also offer thrills to the older ones. 

Reservation & information:

Tel : +33 6 83 39 69 06



Pinède de Calvi (Casino market entry)
20260 Calvi

Opening period:

From Easter to Fall vacation (all french zone), unless bad weather conditions.

Opening time (feel free to call to check): 

  • Easter and fall vacation: every day from 2pm to 6pm

  • Summer vacation: every day from 9:30am to 6pm

  • Outside of vacation : wednesdays, weekends and  holidays from 2pm to 6pm

  • Before the vacation: everyday from 2pm to 6pm

A Scimia Calvese 


> ADVENTURE PARK (from 5 years old)

At the heart of the pine forest of Calvi, on the seafront across from the citadel, it is divided into 4 different courses for children and adults. 60 workshops are on the program, you begin the initiation course with supervision and go on independently, at your own pace.

> TYROLEAN TRAIL (from 10 years old)

A series of 18 ziplines to slide through the pine forest without touching the ground. Some are as ong as 100 meters (330 feet) with an innovative high rise track resembling Via Ferrata.


  • Small course (minimum height: 85cm/2ft 9.4 in., approx. 12 min.): 5 euros

  • Medium course (minimum height: 105cm/3ft 5.3 in., approx. 30 min.): 12 euros

  • Big course (minimum height: 130cm/4ft 3.2 in., approx. 75 min.): 18 euros

  • All together (small+medium+big): 20 euros

  • Tryolean trail: 20 euros (under 14 years old: 15 euros)

  • Group/private hire: contact us.